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SMART OPERATIONS is a subsidiary company of Prodesa dedicated to the on-site work in the plants both during execution of the projects and after the handover of the projects to the customers.

We can assist you in your daily operation with a tailor made solution covering the following areas:

  • Raw material supply management
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Plant workforce
  • Spare & Wear parts management

As a world-leading supplier of complete biomass plants, Smart Operations has service locations around the globe. We have established service centers with workshops in Europe, North America and Asia, which are used to provide service our clients. Contact us.


  • Biomass plant operation

We aim to be a partner in the operational excellence of the plants and offer a wide range of solutions ranging from periodical training of plant operators to complete operation and maintenance solutions.

Several types of biomass treatment plants has been developed over the last few years, using different machinery and capacities tailor made to the raw material, the specific production capacity and the quality of the final pellet produced in each installation.

Maximizing uptime and production capacity whilst keeping operational costs low are required to ensure profitability in your plant. To help you with this we offer the support and assistance of our experienced and qualified engineers working from our headquarters and our service centers around the world.

We know that pellet production is a 24/7 operation and that solving problems fast is important when every minute counts. We know that each client is different and aim to offer you a service solution tailor made for your needs.

  • Gas treatment plant operation

SMART OPERATIONS offers several solutions for gas treatment plants thanks to the acquired experience and knowledge from the management and operation of installed PRODESA plants.

Our scope of services is ready for different technologies:

  • Regenerative thermal oxidation
  • Rotoconcentrator



  • Spare parts management

Good spare and wear parts management is required to ensure maximum uptime of your plant. We provide different spare parts management services, ranging from supplying your spare and wear parts when you request them to managing your entire supply chain of spare and wear parts, ensuring that you always have the parts you need in stock.

  • Scheduled maintenances

We provide tailor made maintenance solutions based on your needs in order to guarantee the performance of the equipments in your plant and ensure a profitable operation.

  • Specific interventions

We aim to provide the best solutions for any kind of problem or issue you face during your daily operation. From our service centers, we are able to go on-site with our engineers fast when needed or assist through remote access to your plants control system.

  • Continuous improvements

Thanks to the continuous development of new installations and due to our experience in the sector, we are able to provide you with new solutions proven to work in other plants, ensuring continuous improvements of your plant.

  • Hotline and remote operation

You are always welcome to call us and we aim to stay updated on what is going on in your plant to ensure that we provide you with the best service. If needed, our service engineers are able to access your plant remotely to speed up troubleshooting.

In addition to our service resources in Spain, we have service centers in Paris, Atlanta, Riga and Hanoi. No matter where your plant is located, our service engineers are able to provide guidance or immediate assistance whenever you might need it.